Optimize your source text

Do you need to translate your English or Swedish source text into several different languages? Do you also want to streamline the translation process in order to ensure the highest possible quality? Do you want to lower your translation costs significantly at the same time? Then pre-editing of your source text is a very good idea.

When I pre-edit your source text for translation, I will adapt it to translation in the following ways:

  • By deleting unnecessary words.
  • By shortening the sentences.
  • By making sentences more uniform.
  • By reducing ambiguity.

These measures lower the costs for you as a translation buyer, while at the same time creating opportunities for better quality translations. This is due to the following factors:

  • Translations are generally charged per source word. So if you can reduce the number of words in your original text, your translations will cost less from the start.
  • Many translators and translation agencies offer discounts for repeated text. Therefore, shorter and more uniform sentences will be very likely to lower your translation cost.
  • Making the text more readable and less ambiguous will make the text easier to process for translators. This simplifies translation project management and speeds up translation.

Throughout the life cycle of your product or service, your texts may come to be translated and retranslated many times. Source texts that are optimized specifically for translation are likely to lower your translation cost and give you better translation quality in the long term. If you would like to find out whether you have anything to gain from using this service, I can provide you with a report on your source texts. If you choose to use this service, I will optimize your English or Swedish source texts for translation.