English to Swedish translation

From English to Swedish

Do you need to commission a translation from English to Swedish, done by an experienced authorized translator who will be your single point of contact? Is your text a technical, financial, legal or marketing text of one of the following types:

  • Products and services documentation, for instance in the form of user manuals, catalogues and databases?
  • Computer software and online help texts?
  • External information and marketing material, such as web sites, press releases and customer magazines?
  • Internal information and documentation material, for instance protocols, memos, working documents, newsletters, questionnaires, presentations and training materials?
  • Business correspondence documents (business letters)?
  • Legal business documents, for instance contracts, terms and conditions documents and end-user licensing agreements (EULAs)?
  • Financial documents, such as annual and quarterly reports?

If your text is of any of these types, there is a good chance that I can help you, as these are the kinds of texts that I often translate from English to Swedish. The above list is of course not exhaustive, so if you have some other type of document, please feel free to check with me if I can take it on.

Legally binding translations from English to Swedish

If you need to make the Swedish translation as legally binding as your original English text, you must first have had it translated by an authorized translator, who is entitled to use a certification stamp. As an authorized translator for English to Swedish, I can help you with this.